Cloud cost management tools

Give your finance, engineering and management teams the visibility they need into all of your cloud costs and usage.


Monitor your spending

Eliminate surprises in your cloud spending with daily updates and advanced alerts.

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  • Budget Alerts

    Get notified if any or all of your cloud accounts are predicted to go over your budget limits.

  • Report Scheduling and Sharing

    Easily share custom cost and usage reports with other Cloudability users.

  • Custom Widgetized Dashboards

    Give everyone a single view with their most important cost and usage KPIs.

  • Daily Email Reports

    Get cloud cost KPIs showing daily trends and monthly estimates delivered right to your inbox.


Optimize Your Costs

Maximize your Reserved Instance savings and minimize waste in your infrastructure.

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  • RI Planner

    Make sure your Reserved Instances are perfectly provisioned with our Reserved Instance Planner.

  • AWS Cost Analytics

    Analyze and share daily AWS spending by instance, service or AWS tags with AWS Cost Analytics.

  • EC2 Usage Analytics

    Explore and report your instance-level EC2 usage metrics.

  • Custom Reports

    Create any report you need from dozens of dimensions and metrics.


Govern Your Finances

Create a culture of cost accountability without restricting flexibility for your engineers.

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  • Allocation Reports

    Use AWS tags and linked accounts to filter and compare your costs across the organization.

  • Multi-User Support

    Create individual logins for anyone in your company and assign them specific cloud accounts.

  • Filtered Views

    Filter and compare spending in any Cloudability report using tags and account groups.

  • API Access

    Access all of your multi-cloud spending or AWS usage data from any dashboard or BI software.