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Cloud Spend Visibility & Allocation

See your cloud resources your way, not how your cloud vendors bill you

Your cloud spend. Your way.

Each company manages its finances and accounts for cash flow differently. Cloudability enables you to translate cloud vendor language into meaningful, actionable data for your engineers, technology leaders and finance.

We help thousands of cloud-focused customers looking to:

  • Integrate & consolidate all cloud spend under one account
  • Gain on-demand visibility into cloud billing to know what’s happening and its impact in real time
  • Manage teams to budgets to keep them accountable while sharing smart practices
  • Continuously monitor cloud spend as businesses & teams change, always staying in the know about cloud costs and usage
  • Identify and manage anomalies quickly, including other outliers in your cloud billing

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Cloudability Benefits

Role-based visibility gives engineers, technology leaders and finance teams visibility and personalized views into cloud data to empower the best choices

Insights & recommendations for next steps to take in rightsizing your infrastructure or optimizing cloud usage

Flexible allocations rules to help you define and report charges back to the teams using those resources

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"When our cloud infrastructure footprint expanded to over 2,000 instances, Cloudability was the only solution on the market with the technology and expertise needed to keep up with our cloud growth."

Stay in the know

Monitor all of your cloud accounts

Aggregate costs and usage across any number of linked or master payer cloud accounts

Eliminate surprises in your bill

Daily reports, custom dashboards and budget alerts ensure you're never caught off guard at the end of the month

Stop waste before it starts

Schedule efficiency reports and track resource-level usage data so you can spot and rightsize underutilized resources

Get smart about Reserved Instances

Build dashboards, scheduled reports, recommendations and notifications to make sure your AWS Reserved Instances are being put to use

Allocation tools for everyone

Simplify chargeback and billback

Segment your cloud costs by business unit for easy chargeback and billback

Manage multiple cloud budgets

Filter your views to reflect just one team's or department's usage and spending

Manage your COGS

See how much you're spending to run different products and apps

Compare efficiency between teams

See how your teams and departments rank in terms of spending and efficiency

See all our Visibility and Allocation features

Get the visibility you need & segment your costs

The flexibility of the cloud can also make it difficult to control. Cloudability's monitoring tools ensure you always know what you're spending, what you're using and when things are changing. Segment your spending by department, business unit, product or environment so everyone can get the cost allocation reports they need, when they need them.

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