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of monitored cloud spend
  • Lower rates available at higher commitments

  • Custom pricing available for long-term commitments

  • Minimum of $499/mo

We help businesses of all sizes get lean in the cloud

"We were able to reduce our cloud spend by 70% using Cloudability."
"We are able to use Cloudability to validate the RI purchases Atlassian makes."
"Cloudability is going to save us a ton of cloud management headache into the future..."
"Technical expertise helped us spread a stronger culture of cloud cost management."
"The ability to confidently purchase RIs to get the biggest financial benefit was huge."

How our elastic pricing works

Pricing plans that scale with you

Our monthly fees are based on the amount of cloud cost you need to monitor. Select a plan with a minimum commitment appropriate for your expected level of monitored cloud cost.

Lower rates for higher monthly commitments

The minimum commitment will cover you up to a certain level of monitored cloud cost. Exceeding your plan's included cloud cost will result in additional usage charges based on a percentage of cloud cost. The higher your monthly commitment, the lower the rate.

Flexibility to choose your commitment

We're happy to work with you to figure out the right price and level of commitment. Contact us to learn the various options available.

Technical and account management support included

We are here to help you get started and quickly reach your goals with our solution, which is why support is always part of our pricing model. For larger enterprises looking for managed services or consulting support in addition to our offering, we also provide professional services engagements.

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