Cloud Cost Allocation

Put your cloud bill in terms your business can understand

Segment your costs by...

People across your company need to see cloud costs split out in different ways. Cloudability makes it easy to segment your spending by department, business unit, product, or environment so everyone can get the cost allocation reports they need, when they need them.

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Allocation tools for everyone

Simplify chargeback and billback

Segment your cloud costs by business unit for easy chargeback and billback

Manage multiple cloud budgets

Filter your views to reflect just one team's or department's usage and spending

Manage your COGS

See how much you're spending to run different products and apps

Compare efficiency between teams

See how your teams and departments rank in terms of spending and efficiency

"When our cloud infrastructure footprint expanded to over 2,000 instances, Cloudability was the only solution on the market with the technology and expertise needed to keep up with our cloud growth."

How it works

Every hour, Cloudability aggregates billing and tagging data from all of your cloud accounts using secure read-only credentials. Our sophisticated cost management platform then analyzes your data to provide you with completely customizable Cloud Cost Allocation reports.

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