Usage Rightsizing

Find and eliminate unnecessary cloud usage

Reduce wasted usage

Do you feel like you're paying for more resources than you need? Cloudability identifies unused and underutilized resources so you can quickly rightsize your usage and cut down on wasted cloud spending.

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Rightsize your cloud infrastructure

Find underutilized EC2 instances

Create, save, and schedule underutilized instance reports to stay on top of waste

Optimize your storage, databases, and more

Build resource-level usage reports to identify rightsizing opportunities across all of your cloud services

Compare efficiency between teams

See how your teams and departments rank in terms of spending and efficiency

See the impact on your bill

Compare spending before and after changes to see the effect of your rightsizing efforts

"Cloudability is exactly what I need and what we've been looking for for months."
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How it works

Every hour, Cloudability aggregates billing, usage, and tagging data from all of your cloud accounts using secure read-only credentials. Our sophisticated cost management platform then analyzes your data to provide you with reports, dashboards, and alerts to drive efficient cloud usage across all of your services.

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Cloudability features