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Container Cost Allocation

Get visibility and allocate cost for Kubernetes clusters

Traditional methods providing visibility into which teams, applications and services are utilizing which portions of your containerized infrastructure often fall short. This deficit is compounded by the fact that teams have both used and idle container resources they are paying for and need to allocate these resources based on actual utilization. The challenge is to get visibility to properly allocate resource usage to the right cost centers (business units, teams, apps, and/or services) for chargebacks.

Allocate container cost with accurate utilization data

The Cloudability collection agent compiles metrics from your Kubernetes clusters and sends it to Cloudability for analysis. Using native metric sources, we allocate cost, and provide insight into idle resources in your clusters. The agent data sampling frequency is configurable.

Allocate container costs using Kubernetes object types

Cloudability can help you accurately allocate costs by Kubernetes clusters, namespaces, services and labels. You can visualize utilization and spend metrics through a single pane of glass for clusters that span multiple accounts and cloud providers.

Manage allocation of idle resources

Cloudability provides two methods of looking at idle resources in your clusters. By default, cost for idle resources is recorded separately and teams can also distribute the cost across a given dimension (namespace, service, label), based on the percentage share of the total cost during that time-frame.

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