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Tags are a critical component of grouping cloud resources in meaningful buckets such as the application(s) that use them, the product, the department, the environment in which they run (development, staging, production, etc.). Tags are name/value pairs, such as Environment/Production. Tagging allows organizations to create the right Views of the data and implement accurate allocations and chargebacks. For all these reasons, having a clear tagging strategy (and enforcing it) is critical to cloud success.

With Tag Explorer you can:

  • Visually assess how your organization uses tags
  • Identify untagged resources
  • Drive a more comprehensive understanding of cost
  • Drill down to individual resource tagging data

Tag mapping

Tags are imported from your cloud data and kept in sync. Often cloud tags and features evolve across clouds, accounts and subscriptions with some variations. WIth Cloudability you can map related tags into a Cloudability tag or dimension ensuring relevant and logical mapping from the cloud to your business or logical constructs.

Dynamic tagging

Unfortunately, organizational structures change all the time and often you need to create groupings that are based on conditionally evaluating several tags. Creating a new tag or changing existing tags in your cloud infrastructure all the time to accommodate these needs would be untenable –this is where dynamic tags in Collections are a lifesaver.

For example, you may have cost center IDs associated with resources that are generated by an accounting application and are incomprehensible sets of letters and numbers. As a user you would not be able to easily remember what each code means, but in a Collection with dynamic tagging you can map any number of codes into a human-understandable department name or any other required grouping.

Another example is compliance. Let’s say that you want to track all your privacy-compliant and non-compliant applications. You may have a dynamic tag that evaluates all applications in production for European Union customers, and if any of their resources are running in a non-EU availability zone, they would be flagged as non-compliant.

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