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Stakeholders and teams in your organization care about very different slices of your cloud spend and utilization data. A team working on a given application would only want to see their application data. An IT Ops or DevOps engineer would want to see all the data for the cloud infrastructure for which they are responsible and they would be interested in very technical details. Financial analysts for a line of business would want to see all the cost data for each of their products. A business executive may be interested in the unit cost trends.

Cloudability includes several capabilities to accomplish these custom Views.


With Views you can filter data globally across all of your dashboards and reports.

  • You can limit users to specific Views
  • You can set default Views for users, so they have access to the data relevant to their role
  • You can share Views

Each View is a set of filters based on any combination of:

  • Account groups
  • Tag values
  • Account name
  • Account ID

You can create your own Views and switch quickly between existing Views to see spending and utilization from different teams and departments.

Your reports and Dashboards immediately reflect the slice of data defined in the View you select (departments, applications, projects, etc.).

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