Role-based Visibility

Maintain control and oversight across your infrastructure

Create a culture of cost management

Cloud costs are a company-wide issue, and everyone needs to be on the same page. Cloudability makes it easy to give everyone the data they need to drive cost-effective behavior every day.

Enable cost-efficient behavior

Manage spending across teams and departments

Create dashboards, reports, and alerts to monitor usage and spending for each business unit

Empower your teams to manage their own costs

Give everyone access to the cost and usage data they need to make cost-efficient decisions every day

Control who sees what

Filter users' views to reflect just one team's or department's usage and spending

Integrate with your existing systems

Use our API to drive in-house or third-party cost management scripts and tools

"Cloudability's impressive, intuitive platform, helpful team, and technical expertise helped us spread a stronger culture of cloud cost management throughout the organization."
Pitney Bowes

How it works

Every hour, Cloudability aggregates billing and usage data from all of your cloud accounts using secure read-only credentials. Our flexibile reporting platform then lets you monitor and manage exactly what's being used and spent across your entire infrastructure.

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Cloudability features