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Optimized Infrastructure and Spend

Empower your teams to establish an ongoing process to reduce spend and maximize utilization of resources.


Prioritize instances that have rightsizing opportunities and choose the best option based on your risk and savings criteria.

  • Cross-family Recommendations

  • Multiple rightsizing recommendations
 based on Risk/Savings
  • EC2, EBS, S3, RDS, Redshift and more

  • View trends for the last 10 or 30 days
  • Looks at peaks and max
, doesn’t use averages
Rightsizing recommendations

Atlassian Jira Integration

Empower DevOps for Cloud Spend Management by creating Jira issues directly from Cloudability Rightsizing Recommendations. Each issue is associated with a project and includes:

  • Resource ID
  • Top rightsizing recommendation for highest savings, lowest risk
  • Tags associated with the resource
  • Cost savings
Jira integration
"We were able to reduce our cloud spend by 70% using Cloudability. Whereas RI planning previously required a tedious Excel spreadsheet analysis and some guess work, now it takes only a few minutes."

Reserved and Spot Instances

Pay the lowest possible rate by identifying the instances and workloads that are candidates for Reserved Instances and Spot purchases and by managing your portfolio of RIs to ensure you are getting the best possible utilization.

Reserved and Spot Instances

Manage Reserved Instances

  • Identify your top opportunities for buying, modifying and optimizing utilization of Reserved Instances
  • All RI Types supported, including: Instance Size Flexibility, Convertible, 1 and 3 year RIs
  • Goes beyond just computing: EC2, RDS, Redshift, Elasticache, DynamoDB
  • Gives you full control of thresholds: set date window, desired RI utilization and minimum savings percentage
  • Compare cash flows between options and do breakeven analysis
Manage Reserved Instances

Spot and Workload Predictions

  • Using billions of hours of observed Spot, we’ll tell you what and when to bid
  • Define specific requirements for your workload, then understand what to bid
  • Factor in unused RI hours to consider using them if they’ll be
 otherwise wasted
Spot and Workload Predictions


Save up to 30% on cloud costs by setting up automated tasks to identify and shut down unused cloud instances or efficiently shut down and restart dev/test resources during periods of underutilization. Automation capabilities include:

Automating instances

Ensure Business and Financial Agility

Build a cloud strategy to forecast migration costs and outcomes and operationalize the steps toward cloud success.

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