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Achieve Successful Migration and Predictability

Define your business objectives, map your workloads to a cloud infrastructure and accurately forecast their cost.

True CostTM

Some companies go to the cloud to reduce infrastructure cost, some to empower teams to accelerate innovation and launch new products to market and some as part of a broader digital transformation initiative. Your objectives will impact the type of migration you perform and the metrics for success that you track. The foundation of all these obectives is accurate cloud financials which must be built on True CostTM so you can:

Budgeting on cloud costs

Migration Strategy

Define your migration strategy and match your on-prem workloads to the best cloud infrastructure. Cloudability’s Cloud Financial Office services can help you achieve this leveraging our data from 7 years and $5B of managed services across cohorts.

"Cloudability's impressive, intuitive platform, helpful team, and technical expertise helped us spread a stronger culture of cloud cost management throughout the organization."


Set Budgets so you can proceed with confidence on your migration and keep spend on track from the get-go.

Budgeting your cloud costs


Financial stakeholders can predict cloud spend so they won’t be surprised, this puts the proper constraints in place to ensure teams will stay on budget.

Forecasting cloud costs

Ensure Business and Financial Agility

Build a cloud strategy to forecast migration costs and outcomes and operationalize the steps toward cloud success.

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