Reserved Instance Planning

Buy the right reservations and keep them aligned with your changing usage

Maximize your Reserved Instance savings

Cloudability’s Reserved Instance (RI) Management tools help your Operations, IT, and finance teams work together to manage your growing RI portfolio. See which RIs to buy or modify, and then track their effectiveness and ROI.

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Full-lifecycle RI tools

Choose the right RIs to buy and modify

Make confident RI decisions quickly with reliable, unbiased recommendations

Get Reserved Instance ROI and waste analysis

See how much you’re saving with your Reserved Instance purchases, and track the reservation hours that have gone unused month-over-month.

Track your RI portfolio performance

Create and share dashboards to keep track of your reservation savings and streamline RI purchases and modifications

Amortize upfront RI costs

Spread your upfront RI costs across the whole term to see the true cost of running your infrastructure

"Cloudability helped us save 100s of thousands of dollars on AWS using Reserved Instances."

How it works

Cloudability’s Reserved Instance Planner scans usage data from all of your accounts to identify exactly which RIs you need to buy and modify to maximize your savings. Set savings and confidence thresholds to make sure that you’re only getting the recommendations that you want, and share easy-to-understand ROI analysis to your finance and exec teams for quick approval.

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