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Cloud Optimization

Become more efficient - every day.

Achieving cloud efficiency is an ongoing process. New instances are provisioned, usage patterns change and providers add new services at breakneck pace. The challenge is to be able to quickly identify unused resources that should be shut down, underutilized resources that should be rightsized and instances for which Reserved Instances would have better rates.

Show Me The Right Priorities

Do we know what we don't know?

"We used to do infrastructure planning once a year, trading off business objectives, cost and performance. With the cloud, this has become a daily process. My teams are overwhelmed by the volume and complexity of the data they need to process to make infrastructure decisions."

Continuously Optimize Cloud Spend and Utilization

Rightsizing The Right Way

Empower your teams at the edge where the best knowledge of architecture and workloads sits.

Atlassian Jira Integration

Empower DevOps for Cloud Spend Management by creating Jira issues directly from Cloudability Rightsizing Recommendations. Each issue is associated with a project and includes:

Policy Automation

Automate and track cost optimization and data hygiene policies shutting down EC2 instances, terminating unattached EBS volumes etc.

Reserved Instance Planning

Pay the lowest possible rate by identifying the instances and workloads that are candidates for RI and Spot purchases and modifications by managing your portfolio of RIs to ensure you are getting the best possible utilization.

"We are able to use Cloudability to validate the RI purchases Atlassian makes, assisting Atlassian in maintaining an RI utilization at or above 90% and by result achieving great savings."