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Get Better Every Day

Use big data-driven recommendations and automation for continuous improvement. Make better cloud decisions that improve the bottom line.

Optimize Cloud at the Speed of Your Business

Use policy-driven automation to eliminate human mistakes or intervention and speed up execution. When your teams can focus on what they do best, rather than the myriad of cloud cost data points, they get better every day.

  • Use Algorithm-driven Recommendations: Continuously drive higher utilization, reduce waste and improve pricing. Improve your cloud efficiency year over year.
  • Empower a Culture of Cloud Optimization: When every team is empowered to optimize utilization at the best rate possible, everyone has a role in using cloud to improve the bottom line.
  • No Surprises: Detect anomalous costs or usage quickly, spot patterns and trends before they become a problem. Always handle the unexpected by drilling down into any workload, application, user, or business unit.

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Cloudability Benefits

Proactively monitor resource allocation across functional areas, projects or clients

Tag relevant resources once to enable a continuous, dashboard view, capable of generating board or management ready reports in minutes

Manage to budgets and collaborate across teams in your organization

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"Until we utilized Cloudability, it was close to impossible to reconcile who or what was driving changes in our AWS expenditure."

Enable Cost-Efficient Cloud Decisions

Manage spending across teams and departments

Create dashboards, reports and alerts to monitor usage and spending for each business unit

Empower your teams to manage their own costs

Give everyone access to the cost and usage data they need to make cost-efficient decisions every day

Control who sees what

Filter users' views to reflect just one team's or department's usage and spending

Integrate with your existing systems

Use our API to drive in-house or third-party cost management scripts and tools

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Stay confident as your cloud gets complex

As cloud infrastructures grow, so do their complexities. Be ready to handle unexpected changes in operation and cost by having the right enabling data and insights at hand. Use Cloudability as your strategy center with views into key information that puts your technology leaders in control at scale.

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