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Act with Certainty

Make cloud decisions with mathematical certainty. Understand the risks, outcomes and potential value of cloud to make ROI-driving decisions daily.

Move with Confidence on the Cloud

Drive faster, intelligent decisions based on precise, accurate True Cost™ of your cloud. Get the insights to shape and optimize the future of your cloud.

  • Make the Best Cloud Decisions: Whether optimizing cloud utilization or getting the best rate on a service, leave the decision-making up to our enterprise-scale analytics and machine learning.
  • Stay Compliant: Use our True Cost Engine™ to support cloud cost and optimization policies making it easy to govern your cloud infrastructure.
  • Drive Accountability: Push cloud optimization to the edges of your org. Deliver accurate information to make data-driven decisions that balance innovation, speed and fiscal accountability.

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Cloudability Benefits

Rightsizing resources helps identify top efficiency areas in your cloud, eliminating waste to optimize operations

Operationalizing & automating the management of vendor-specific cost-lowering financial tools (like AWS Reserved Instances)

Managing risk by automating compliance-based actions, such as backups, reduces the risk of data loss and human error

Negotiating lower rates by giving you the right data on usage and utilization you need to strike deals with your vendors

Optimizing continuously & by making intelligent changes towards efficiency as your business & teams change

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Full-cycle Reserved Instance Planning & Management

Choose the right RIs to buy and modify

Make confident RI decisions quickly with reliable, unbiased recommendations

Get Reserved Instance ROI and waste analysis

See how much you’re saving with your Reserved Instance purchases, and track the reservation hours that have gone unused month-over-month.

Track your RI portfolio performance

Create and share dashboards to keep track of your reservation savings and streamline RI purchases and modifications

Amortize upfront RI costs

Spread your upfront RI costs across the whole term to see the true cost of running your infrastructure

Rightsize Your Cloud Infrastructure

Find underutilized EC2 instances

Identify underutilized EC2 instances to rightsize or remove to improve your cloud efficiency

Optimize storage, databases and more

Analyze storage and databases by key performance metrics to determine which can be rightsized or removed to improve efficiency

Stop systemic cloud over-provisioning

Identify expensive, underutilized cloud services quickly and streamline future cloud resourcing at scale with data-backed recommendations

See all our Optimization and Automation features

Get data-driven automation to optimize your cloud

Our data engine keeps an eye on key compute, storage and database metrics hourly to quickly identify cloud resources that are underperforming. This allows you to rightsize or remove wasteful resources confidently to improve cloud efficiency for any growing infrastructure.

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