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Cloud Spend and Usage Visibility

Who is spending what and will we stay on budget?

Managing cloud spend is the top priority for enterprises running workloads and applications in the cloud. Understanding the cloud spend is extremely difficult when the monthly bill for your constantly changing cloud infrastructure can be millions of lines. This leaves companies vulnerable to costly surprises and unable to predict if their cloud spend will stay on budget.

Different Views for Different Roles

Have full visibility and anomaly detection to avoid surprises

"I don’t want any surprises. I need full visibility by business unit and application so I can proactively catch abnormal trends and correct them before they become problems."

Actionable Insights

Accurate, Precise, Timely

Visibility is not much use if it does not start with the right data.


A sound tagging strategy across clouds allows you to account for all cloud resources.


Powerful rule-based Views that integrate multiple accounts and clouds.

Dashboards and Reports

Empower teams to make informed decisions.

Anomaly Detection

Let machine learning detect and find impending problems.

True Cost Explorer

Easily visualize cloud bill and spend breakdown.

Budgets, Forecasts and Daily Mails

Keep your spend on track by setting budgets.

The Broadest Coverage of Cloud Services

Cloudability discovers resources via billing files, which are typically updated by vendors several times per day. We discover and report on all services as soon as they appear in the billing file from AWS, Azure and GCP.

"Cloudability does more than talk about cost management best practices. They deliver actionable results and insights that help us make our AWS infrastructure as efficient as possible."