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FinOps —
The Operating Model for Cloud

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Why FinOps?

Bring financial accountability to the variable spend model of the cloud. Distributed IT, finance and business teams are enabled to tune cloud deployments for speed, cost or quality.

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FinOps approach

The New Requirements for FinOps

The FinOps journey consists of three iterative phases — Inform, Optimize, Operate.

Inform delivers visibility for allocation and for creating shared accountability by showing teams what they’re spending and why.

Optimize empowers teams to take the right optimization actions based on goals, like rightsizing or improving reserved instance coverage.

Operate refines those shared IT, finance and business goals to focus and scale operational efforts through continuous improvement.


Understand Fully Loaded Costs

  • Visibility into IT spend
  • Granular cost allocation
  • Team-level budgets & tracking

Performance Benchmarking

  • Trending & variance analysis
  • Internal team benchmarking
  • Industry peer-level benchmarking


Real-Time Decision Making

  • Remove underutilized services
  • Automation of resources
  • Understand if resources are under or over-provisioned

Predict, Plan & Purchase Capacity

  • Rightsizing instances & services
  • Centralized RI buying process
  • Comparing pricing


IT, Finance & LoB Collaboration

“FinOps is a combination of systems, best practices and culture that empowers our cross-functional teams to maintain financial accountability against the variable spend model of cloud.”
Hansjoerg Kaempf, Director, Cloud Governance and Cost Optimization

FinOps Maturity Industry Report

Find out where organizations are on their FinOps journey and how you can take the steps towards FinOps mastery.


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