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Managing clouds and achieving cloud financial excellence is a big-data problem to be tackled with data science and machine learning.

Huge Amounts of Constantly Changing Data


Over 30m data points per month per resource


For over 275,000 possible services per provider


Growing by over 1,000 new services every year

Cloudability ingests exabytes of data, including billing, usage, performance and custom vendor pricing. How can you possibly replicate this with homegrown tools or spreadsheets? The only viable approach is a data science and machine learning platform.

True CostTM - Accuracy, Precision, Timeliness

How can you make accurate decisions on an infrastructure that changes second-by-second, if your data is days or weeks old and does not reflect your true cost? Would you run any other part of your business on such inaccurate data?

True CostTM calculated in real time to include

Data Science and Machine Learning

  • Machine learning and data science modeling to produce accurate forecasts, anomaly detection and recommendations
  • Seven years of detailed (not aggregated) True CostTM data across cohorts and $5B managed spend

Financial Impact

Not having accurate cloud financials can have a significant negative impact on your business.

Actionable Insights Based on True CostTM and Best Practices

The power of our True CostTM platform comes to full fruition for you in the form of proactive cloud management and unparalleled data access.

  • Cloudability proactively detects and notifies you of any anomaly so you can take immediate action and prevent problems
  • Your spend is tracked against your budget, so you don’t have any surprises. Our forecasts are based on Monte Carlo simulations, not just linear regressions.
  • Recommendations for rightsizing and RI planning point to the best opportunities for optimization
  • When you need to drill down to the details, you are empowered by a rich library of standard reports
  • Cloudability lets you explore any combination of data dimensions and lets you create custom dashboards

Managing Your Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Most companies now have a multi-cloud strategy. With Cloudability you can manage your multi-cloud infrastructure from a single pane of glass.

Extend and Integrate

Cloudability is an API-first platform. Our public APIs allow enterprises to:

  • Embed True CostTM data in any business process
  • Mash True CostTM data with other business data for integrated analytics
  • Manage users and Views from other consoles
  • Display reports, dashboard widgets and recommendations on any portal
  • Integrate with DevOps and orchestration tools
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