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Cloudability Cloud Financial Management Platform

The ideal platform for FinOps

Huge Amounts of Constantly Changing Data

Cloudability ingests exabytes of data, including billing, usage, performance and custom vendor pricing. It’s virtually impossible to replicate this with homegrown tools or spreadsheets. The best approach is a data science and machine learning platform.


Over 30m data points per month per resource


For over 275,000 possible services per provider


Growing by over 1,000 new services every year

3,600,000 GB

Platform ingested cost and utilization data per month

Platform Competencies

Everything you need to manage your clouds and achieve FinOps mastery

Accurate and timely data

How can you make timely and informed decisions on an infrastructure that changes second-by-second, if your data is days or weeks old and does not reflect your actual spend? With Cloudability, your data is always up to date and reflects discounts, credits and amortization. Our data analytics engine goes beyond simple reporting — you'll get data that's much more granular, and more accurate.

Data science and machine learning

Our platform has been around for 9 years and leverages $11 billion dollars of cloud spend history that fuels our machine learning and factors into our forecasting and anomaly detection. We also manage cloud spend for some of the largest cloud spenders in the world — the top 1% of cloud adopters. We bring machine learning and data science to cloud decision-making so you can make data-driven cloud decisions.

Tools and best practices to enable FinOps

Cloudability delivers actionable insights based on accurate data and best practices:

Manage your multi-cloud infrastructure

With Cloudability you can manage your multi-cloud infrastructure from a single pane of glass. That includes resource-level reporting on AWS, Azure and GCP on all services and all charges over all time periods. Your data is normalized across cloud providers and integrated in reports and dashboards — not kept in separate silos.