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Cost Monitoring

Surprises are great on your birthday, not in your Cloud bill. With Cloudability it's easy to stay on top of your cost and usage trends so you're never caught off-guard.

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Usage Rightsizing

Why pay for more than you need? Cloudability analyzes all of your cloud usage at the resource level to help you rightsize your resources and eliminate waste.

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Reserved Instance Planning

AWS Reserved Instances (RIs) are a great way to reduce your cloud bill, but bad RI decisions can cost you big. Cloudability gives you RI recommendations and analysis to help you save more and waste less.

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Cost Allocation

Every company allocates their costs differently, so why rely on one-size-fits-all cost allocation reports? Cloudability's customizable cost allocation tools enable deeper chargeback and COGS analysis for companies of any size or complexity.

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Role-based Visibility

People make better decisions when they have the right data. Cloudability gives everyone in your org the cloud cost and usage data they need to make cost-efficient decisions every day.

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Cloudability features

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