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Gain Accurate Financials, Transparency and Governance

Account for all resources, give teams visibility, allocate cost properly and put in place sound governance.


Tags – Account for all Resources Across Clouds

Most companies employ a multi-cloud strategy. It is therefore critical to have a consolidated view across all your cloud providers from a single pane of glass. A tagging strategy is the foundation for this level of visibility.

Tag Explorer

Collections, Custom Views, Dashboards, Reports - Full Transparency

With Views you can define (through rules that include tags, dynamic tags and account groups) the slices of data and services, across accounts and clouds relevant to each team and role. With Collections, you can use dynamic tags to easily adjust to organizational or business changes without having to create new sets of tags in the infrastructure.

As an infrastructure manager, track all the services your team is using and ensure they are used efficiently. As a financial business analyst, know exactly the spending trends and how they map to your budget so all teams and roles have a trusted single source of truth.

Dynamic tags dashboard

Anomaly Detection – No Surprises

Our Anomaly Detection alerts you to what you need to pay attention to. Find hard to detect problems quickly without digging through reports – we do the heavy lifting for you, so you can be proactive and catch issues before they become a problem.

Anomaly detection on your cloud spend

Budgets and Forecasts - Stay on Track

You can set multiple budgets for any subset of your organization (departments, lines of business, products, applications, etc) and environment (dev, test, production). Forecasts help you predict your spend and stay on budget.

Budgeting and forecasting your clloud spend

True CostTM Explorer

True CostTM Explorer provides an intuitive way to explore your billing data visually without resorting to difficult pivot tables.

True cloud cost explorer
"Having a tool like Cloudability to validate our cloud approach and get quick feedback is a huge win." Sr. Infrastructure Analyst, Ancestry


Allocation and Chargeback

With all cloud spend accounted for, you can map allocations to your organizational, accounting, or technology stack structure for accurate cloud financials and chargebacks. This data is constantly updated and reflects real-time cost with discounts, credits and amortizations always factored in.

  • Organizational structures change all the time but changing existing tags is untenable. Cloudability gives you flexible Collection rules to define dynamic meta-tags that match changing business, accounting and technology groupings across clouds and provider accounts.
  • Create any number of Collections to identify all the buckets of resources by which you want to allocate cost and usage
  • Ensure resources are not double allocated anywhere in a collection
cloud cost allocation


Container technology adoption is gaining momentum. Being a shared service across teams, applications and underlying resources, it is challenging to get visibility to properly allocate container usage to the right cost centers for chargebacks.

  • Collect accurate utilization and allocation data from Kubernetes
  • Allocate the right portion of each cluster to the correct cost center by Kubernetes Namespace, Service and Label
  • Manage allocation of unused resources
Cloud container visibility


Governance is built into all aspects of Cloudability, from setting and enforcing budgets, to tagging, automation, access and team empowerment and accountability.

Govern your cloud and manage users

Role-Based Dashboards

Views allow you to control who can see what data and deliver actionable insights through role-based dashboards. Create dashboards for:

role based dashoboards on cloud cost

Ensure Business and Financial Agility

Build a cloud strategy to forecast migration costs and outcomes and operationalize the steps toward cloud success.

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