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Budgets and Forecasts

Predict your cloud spend and stay on budget

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Set Budgets

Set Budgets so you can proceed with confidence on your migration and keep spend on track from the get-go.

  • Budgets are set against Views that define the set of accounts and services that map to your organizational and financial reporting structure
  • Allocate multiple budgets per View
  • Supports multiple accounting basis - Cash, Adjusted, Amortized
  • Receive notifications for budget thresholds

Current month-to-date analysis

  • Get an accurate view of your current month against your budget and previous months’ trends
  • Visually identify your biggest spend drivers and how they compare to the previous month


  • Select the forecast time range, the budget and how much history to use
  • Cloudability plots the low, expected and high range forecast
  • Data science models such as Monte Carlo simulations are used to generate forecasts (not just simple linear regressions) and leverage over 5 billion dollars of historical spending patterns. This ensures accurate prediction of budgets and ensures conforming to budgets.

Proactively monitor your budgets

You can subscribe to notifications at an interval of your choosing to be alerted when

  • You are on track to exceed your budget in the current month
  • You have exceeded your budget in the current month

Daily mail

  • Month to date summary
  • Current spend
  • Estimated monthly spend
  • Top 5 spend services
  • Top 5 spend delta

Proactive Budget Alerts

  • Receive an alert anytime we detect that you are on track to exceed your budget.

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