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Cloudability’s Custom Dashboards let you curate any number of dashboards with exactly the information needed for different products, departments or roles within your company. You can have a default dashboard and any number of additional dashboards.

  • Build your own widgets to track cost and usage data accurately, precisely and in a timely manner
  • Flexible dashboards provide the ability to arrange your widgets exactly how you want them
  • Drill down to see what's causing spikes and dips
  • Save and share multiple dashboards with other users
  • Overlay numerous layers to identify correlations 
– not just a single layer per widget
  • Chart, pie, KPI and tabular widgets based on any data that is reportable
 – not just simple charts
  • Create a standard set of dashboards and restrict the data via Views
  • Cloudability True CostTM platform doesn’t aggregate data, therefore dashboards always give you access to accurate information.


All the reports you need to monitor, allocate, analyze and optimize your cloud costs and utilization.

  • Dozens of templates to get you started
  • Allocate costs by resource and department for chargeback
  • Drill down to resource-level cost and utilization analysis
  • Create your own custom reports for any data, any dimension

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