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Harness Disruptive Cloud Economics

Produce a competitively disruptive transformation by establishing a cloud first culture that embraces more cloud-native services and cloud unit economics.

Cloud-first Culture

Transforming your organization into a cloud-first culture may take a while, especially if your company is new to the cloud.

Whatever your cloud maturity, visibility into the data that is relevant to each stakeholder is the foundation for empowering teams at the edge of the organization.

With the right access and resources, everyone can play a part in achieving innovation and agility, building confidence in the cloud and refactoring applications to take advantage of more efficient cloud-native services such as serverless computing.

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"Until we utilized Cloudability, it was close to impossible to reconcile who or what was driving changes in our AWS expenditure."

Cloud Unit Economics

There is often a pivoting time in a company's cloud journey when they realize that instead of just thinking about overall cloud cost, it is now possible to manage at the very granular level of cloud unit economics.

What is the cloud cost for each transaction unit and how do we optimize it? For a ride sharing company this would be the cost per ride. For an online banking company, the cost of each client transaction. Your overall cloud cost may be going up if you are growing, but your unit cost should be going down to achieve higher margins.

Advanced technology has kept the price of family cars steady since 1995, while the overall price index has grown steadily. Similarly, we have seen companies who use Cloudability and focus on unit economics increase their revenue while decreasing their cloud unit cost and achieving competitive differentiation.

Cloud Unit Economics

APIs and Enterprise Integrations

Cloudability is an API-first platform and its functionality is available through public APIs. This allows enterprises to embed True CostTM data in any business process and mash it with other business data for integrated analytics. Cloudability APIs give you:

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Ensure Business and Financial Agility

Build a cloud strategy to forecast migration costs and outcomes and operationalize the steps toward cloud success.

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