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Allocation and Chargeback

Accurate and timely cloud spend can be elusive when you have to deal with shared resources, untaggable costs or mapping services to your accounting structure. Get a cohesive view across clouds and accounts that gives you the accurate financial information you need to run your business.

Know the true financial impact of your cloud

Get accurate cloud spend data

Start with raw billing data, then normalize and enrich it to account for discounts, credits, custom pricing and amortization, so it accurately reflects your spend.

Map your data to your team

Map cloud resources to your company or accounting structure and see exactly where your cloud spend goes.

View your data from any angle

Make sure every team member gets the data they need, and only that data, in terms they understand.

“Particularly valuable is the Cloudability Business Mapping feature that provides the capability to precisely map application tags to official chargeback codes, while encoding directly into the system the dates when projects would switch to BAU and hence be charged back as such.”
Leading international airline

Full allocation and chargeback of your cloud spend

Take the guesswork out of cloud accounting by knowing exactly where every cost should be applied.

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