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Cloud Governance

Governance is critical for successful cloud migrations and operations. Build governance policies that provide the structure teams need to keep them focused and drive innovation throughout the company.

Ensure compliance while empowering your teams

Account for every resource

Ensure resources are properly tagged so everything is tied to the precise team, project or person.

Ensure compliance with internal and external standards

Define your governance rules for issues such as tag compliance, geo data location compliance, cost allocation criteria based on project lifecycle status (new experiment vs. keeping the lights on) and dates (reorganization effective date, change in accounting rules, etc.)

Benchmark your progress

Use both external benchmarking data from cloud leaders and internal benchmarking data from your own organization to monitor your teams and build strategic initiatives.

“It’s peace of mind with Cloudability. I have my finger on the pulse of the company and nothing is changing without my awareness.”
Rocco Corage, Director of Operations

Features to build policies that manage costs without stifling innovation

Cloudability creates a cost management framework for accountability that ensures compliance without undercutting the empowerment of your teams.

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