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Cloud Governance

Seamless policies for cloud success

Governance is critical for successful cloud migrations and operations. It is how companies ensure that their cloud implementation includes policies that keep them in line with their strategy and priorities. Given that business agility is a primary cloud driver, the trick is to set up governance policies in a way that ensures compliance while not undercutting the empowerment of teams at the edge. Cloud governance is a framework and an underlying construct for accountability.

The Right Guardrails

Empowerment with accountability

"Line of business and team empowerment are great, but if we don’t follow the standards that our strategy dictates, we will not be able to control access, give the right visibility and stay on budget. My team needs to easily track and enforce compliance."

Consistent Governance Across Cloud Providers

Multi-cloud True Cost: Accurate, Precise, Timely

Governance must start with the right data.

Views and Access

Rule-based Views that encompass multiple accounts and cloud vendors.


A sound tagging strategy across clouds allows you to account for all cloud resources.

Allocation and Chargebacks

Map cloud resources to any organizational accounting structure, business organization, or technology environment.

Policy Automation

Automate and track cost optimization and data hygiene policies. Shutting down EC2 instances, terminating unattached EBS volumes etc.

Budgets, Forecasts and Anomaly Detection

Keep your spend on track by setting budgets and forecasting accurately.

"Cloudability does more than talk about cost management best practices. They deliver actionable results and insights that help us make our AWS infrastructure as efficient as possible."