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Monitor, Manage and Optimize Your Cloud

Cloudability enables your team to get the most out of your cloud investments

Understand & Communicate

  • Provide transparency into the cost and usage choices that impact your business
  • Show control with quick answers to questions about cost and ROI
  • Show value by aligning costs with business applications and services
  • Change your conversations from justifying costs to providing business value

Plan Efficiently and Accurately

  • Align infrastructure budgets and forecasts to business goals
  • Shift focus from accounting to analysis and strategy
  • Quickly adjust to changing business priorities
  • Improve predictability, accuracy and accountability

Optimize Cost and ROI

  • Continuously align investment with cost and efficiency analysis
  • Drive behavior and spot trends and outliers with trended KPIs
  • Track cost and alignment of applications and supporting assets
  • Support business cases for modernization by correlating cost, quality and performance

Balance Speed and Control

  • Accelerate your cloud transformation with company-wide alignment
  • Empower decision-makers at every-level of the organization
  • Change behavior with meaningful KPIs
  • Align your company’s technology strategy around a single book of record

Next Steps

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